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Ring in the New Year!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

One of my favorite elements that we designed and installed last year is this ring gate. It is fabricated from different diameters of aluminum rings that are welded together. To get the pattern of the design just right, Shane and Nelson cut PVC pipe rings and then made a mock-frame for the gate. We screwed the frame to a sheet of plywood and then started arranging the rings until we were happy with the layout. Next, we spray painted all the rings in place on the plywood — which made a template of the design on the plywood for the fabricator to follow. What is special about this sliding gate is that besides being a beautiful element, it’s design is based on providing security for the owner. Because it is transparent the owner can see if anyone is on the other side of the gate — which otherwise would be a dark corner of the garden. Also, the gate is aligned with a window in the back of the garage, so you can see through the gate into the garden when pulling into the garage and enjoy a wonderfully welcoming view.


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