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Looking Back...

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Looking back at my college years, I can’t forget how fortunate I was when graduation season approached. By the time I finished Landscape Architecture School in 1999, I had already started my landscape construction business. A couple of my classmates bypassed working for landscape architecture firms that focused on public and commercial projects. Instead, they started working for some of the areas great residential garden designers and landscape architects. As a result, these classmates introduced me to their bosses – and I began installing wonderful residential gardens for designers like Darwin Webb, David Pfeiffer, Richard Hartlage and Rolfe Watson.

For the next 8 years, I designed very few gardens myself and instead focused on installing gardens for these notable designers. This was my graduate school. As I look back, one of my favorite gardens that we installed was this Provence-inspired garden on Clyde Hill designed by David Pfeiffer. It was feature in Traditional Home magazine in May of 2014. You can still read about it here.


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