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Let There Be Light!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Recently, Mike and I met a potential client in Edmonds who just completed remodeling his mid-century modern home. As we were leaving, he showed us some RBG lightbulbs that he installed in the light fixtures around his front entry. Wow! RGB (stands for red, blue green) lightbulbs are lightbulbs that you can control to change the color. Yes — it sounds tacky — but is not. The light bulbs are very cool. You control them over wifi via an App on your smart phone. You can control up to 10 different bulbs individually — or group them however you like and design countless scenes. I bought some of these to test and was amazed. The bulbs I bought were $29.99 each. Here’s the Amazon link:

It took me only 5 minutes from when I opened the package to install the bulbs, download the App and begin controlling the ambiance in the office.


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