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Basalt Column Feature in Entry Courtyard

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We completed this entry courtyard last fall. I love its simple, graphic design. It will look fantastic every day of the year, offers a different experience when you enter and leave the courtyard, and is easy to maintain.

The main feature is the basalt column and its polished, mirror-like top. Conceptually, I envisioned this as a tree that had fallen over in the forest and requires you to walk around it. It’s placement was carefully considered to greet visitors and to direct them to the front door and away from the side door. Notice the slight angle to the visible end of the stone? It subtly points and directs you towards the front door which is to the right and out of view.

Check back soon and see what it took to install this 8′ long, 6000 pound rock.


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