Boxwoods, Cat Mocha Art and Anarchists!

Last November, I went Portland to give a talk the weekend after the Presidential election. My top three highlights were: Visiting Boxwood Gardens, a nursery in the Willamette Valley that specialize in what else — boxwoods! As I walked around, I imagined I was in England. Avoiding the anarchists who were smashing cars a few […]

Basalt Column Feature in Entry Courtyard

We completed this entry courtyard last fall.  I love its simple, graphic design. It will look fantastic every day of the year, offers a different experience when you enter and leave the courtyard, and is easy to maintain. The main feature is the basalt column and its polished, mirror-like top.  Conceptually, I envisioned this as a […]

Rugged Eastern Washington Landscape

I have mentioned before that I am always intrigued when things aren’t as they appear. It took this picture in Eastern Washington last summer.  Check back soon and learn why this caught my attention.

Fall Colors: It’s Not Just the Trees

The rain has finally let-up for a couple days – giving the sun a chance to shine on one of our recently completed projects. Gordon, a long-time SEI employee was treated to this wonderful sight the other morning and sent me this picture.  He was struck by how beautifully the steel walls echo the changing […]

Gray Magazine On-line Features SEI Project

Halloween is just a few days away, but don’t fooled by the pumpkins on the front porch!  The first picture below was taken a few years ago before we were hired to design a new front entry landscape for this Kirkland home and its exterior remodel.  Read more in is this Gray Magazine On-line article. […]

Hidden Hot Tubs

We currently have a couple clients with small back yards who want to install hot tubs, but don’t want to sacrifice all the usable space that the tubs occupy when they are not being used. Check-out these solutions for concealing hot tubs and maximizing the space around — and over — them.

Looking Back…

Looking back at my college years, I can’t forget how fortunate I was when graduation season approached. By the time I finished Landscape Architecture School in 1999, I had already started my landscape construction business.  A couple of my classmates bypassed working for landscape architecture firms that focused on public and commercial projects.  Instead, they started […]

Make It Count — At Least Twice: Part 2

It’s a lawn — and a driveway!  The lawn is grown through a plastic grid that stabilizes the soil and prevents rutting.  It’s the perfect solution for this home outside of Washington DC that I toured last fall.  The owner keeps his “weekend” cars in this secondary garage and only accesses them occasionally.  

Make It Count — At Least Twice

When space is tight and you have a long list of goals for your landscape, you have to make every design element and feature count — at least twice.  You can’t design something ‘just because it is pretty’.  Features need to have multiple uses and functions to maximize the space.   Check-out the lawn below. […]

Hanging Out in the Garden

I took this picture at the University Village Ravenna Gardens last summer. I was reminded that colorful folding furniture can be a great design element – both when it is being used or folded-up and stored on a fence, wall or the side of a house.  The furniture shown here is from the French company Fermob. […]