What’s Old is New

A few years ago, Sunset magazine featured my garden in Small Yard Makeovers.  They recently re-released this special edition.  It will be on newsstands until May 12th.  It has lots of inspiring gardens and design ideas. One of favorite pictures is this simple collection of containers designed by Daniel Nolan.  Daniel works for Flora Grubb […]

Thanks Sawyer!

Recently,  I was getting ready to leave a job site when the client came out and said her 5 year old son had something for me.  I went inside and he gave me a  ‘work order’ with a few things he wanted included in the garden. He let me know that he definitely didn’t want […]

Keeping the Job Site Safe and Tidy

At the end of every work day, each foreman sends me a few pictures of the day’s progress.  Here’s one that Aniceto sent recently. In addition to seeing the progress of this stone wall near Green Lake, the picture shows a few other elements that are an important part of every SEI job:  safety and […]

Hanging Around

Here’s a great BBQ when space is limited.  It is the SIGMAFOCUS made by Focus Creation in France. Their core business is making an wide range of modern indoor fireplaces.  Two of my favorite are the RENZOFOCUS and the ECLATE GEANT. The Sigmafocus costs 1114 € and you can order directly from Focus.

My Weekend Trip to Southern California

After this week’s snow on Monday, followed by torrential rain on Wednesday and high winds on Friday, I wish I had spent the weekend in Southern California.  Instead, I could only dream of being in Southern California when I passed by these Eucalyptus trees Saturday afternoon while out on a walk with my daughter and son. […]

Star Fish Cedar Tree

If you have driven through the Washington Park Arboretum lately, you may have noticed construction has started for the “loop” trail. As part of this, a number of trees have to be removed to make room for the trail.  As I was driving through the arboretum this weekend, this Western Red Cedar stump and a […]

Make It Count — At Least Twice

When space is tight and you have a long list of goals for your landscape, you have to make every design element and feature count — at least twice.  You can’t design something ‘just because it is pretty’.  Features need to have multiple uses and functions to maximize the space.   Check-out the lawn below. […]


Every year, we install one to two balcony, terrace or deck gardens where we can only access the space by going through our client’s home. We go to great lengths to protect our client’s home and property. Here is a project where we installed floor, wall and furniture protection before beginning work. See the broom […]

Our Custom Ring Gate is Featured on Houzz.com

A Designer Uses PVC Pipe to Cast a Modern Garden Gate

Driveway Inspiration

A couple of years ago, I posted some cool driveways I saw on the Venice Beach home and garden tour.  This morning, I saw this great driveway on Queen Anne.  I don’t know who designed it, but I really appreciate it.