Night Lights Aren’t Just for the New Baby

There have been some late nights at the Eckley house recently.  My wife is 6 months pregnant with our first child (it’s a baby girl!) and we’re in the middle of a number of renovation projects — some of which we’re tackling ourselves on weekends and after work.  One project is adding a dishwasher in the kitchen.  We’ve been hand washing our dishes for the past 8 years — but can’t imagine continuing that with the forthcoming bottles. Adding the dishwasher necessitates digging-up and connecting to our side sewer — which I have been working on the last few evenings after work.  The inspector comes tomorrow, so I needed to finish-up this evening.  To illuminate the work area, I used an Ikea floor light from the basement guest bedroom. It provided great light to work by and got me thinking.  The right floor light would be a great, temporary addition to many gardens for an evening party.  Above is a picture of the lamp in my lawn.  The effect is especially dramatic because of the adjacent vertical surfaces and how the light illuminates the bluestone wall, Leland Cypress hedge and Birch tree.

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