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2022 Luxe Red Awards Winner Readers_ Choice

1.  2022 Luxe Red Awards Winner Readers’ Choice

2.  Portrait Magazine  November 2022 Oasis In The City

3.  The Seattle Times June 15, 2022 ‘Micro greens: How Seattleites are maximizing even the tiniest of yards’

4.  Sunset Magazine December 14, 2021 ‘A Landscape Designer’s Tips for Creating an All-Seasons Outdoor Living Room’

5.  2018 Luxe Red Awards Regional Winner Pacific Northwest Landscape Design

6.  Pacific Northwest Magazine February 16, 2017 ‘A magical, maintenance-free garden? It exists in Connie Rodriguez’s back yard’

7.  Seattle Magazine June 15. 2015 An Urban Oasis in Phinney Ridge

8.  Pacific Northwest Magazine October 15, 2015 ‘A small, urban garden is turned into an outdoor living oasis’

9.  Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, March 2009
        Construction: Scot Eckley Inc.
        Design: Scot Eckley 

10.  Pacific Northwest Magazine, November 23, 2008
        Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.
        Design:  Scot Eckley, Barker Landscape Architects

11. Traditional Home, September 2007
        Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.  Texas Limestone wall construction:  Garden Stone
        Design:  David Pfeiffer, Garden Architecture

12. Metropolitan Home, February 2006
        Landscape Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.
        Landscape Designer:  Darwin Webb Landscape Architects
        Architect:  Demetriou Architects
        General Contractor:  Bender Chaffey Corporation

13. Pacific Northwest Magazine, August 6, 2006
        Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.
        Design:  David Pfeiffer, Garden Architecture 

14. Traditional Home, May 2005
        Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.
        Design:  David Pfeiffer, Garden Architecture

15. Portrait of Puget Sound, Volume 7
        Construction:  Scot Eckley Inc.
        Design:  Darwin Webb Landscape Architects

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