A friend who is in Israel for a wedding sent me this picture.  I love how something so simple – umbrellas – become something wonderfully beautiful when used en masse and in an inventive way.  These colorful umbrellas reminded me of a picture I took earlier this summer of a recently renovated apartment building on […]

Shades of Green

I know we’re all getting tired of this year’s rainy and cloudy spring.  I just heard someone refer to it as “Maytober”.  There is one positive aspect of this, however.  All the cloudy and overcast days are great backdrops to showcase our gardens and all the different colors of green as the new foliage emerges. Pantone […]

Where Are The Plants?

Here’s an outdoor living space we finished last year in Kirkland.  I like how the mix of materials, colors and patterns make the space visually interesting and give it a lot of energy.  The space looks great all year round and appears much bigger than it is.  In fact, there are just a few plants […]

Small Gardens, Big Ideas. Garden Design Magazine Highlights an SEI Garden

The current issue of Garden Design magazine includes a great article with 20 strategies for designing small spaces.  Read Functionally Carefree to learn about my philosophy of “making every element count – at least twice" in a small space and see a wonderful backyard retreat in Greenwood. You can pick up a copy of Garden […]

What’s Old is New

A few years ago, Sunset magazine featured my garden in Small Yard Makeovers.  They recently re-released this special edition.  It will be on newsstands until May 12th.  It has lots of inspiring gardens and design ideas. One of favorite pictures is this simple collection of containers designed by Daniel Nolan.  Daniel works for Flora Grubb […]

Thanks Sawyer!

Recently,  I was getting ready to leave a job site when the client came out and said her 5 year old son had something for me.  I went inside and he gave me a  ‘work order’ with a few things he wanted included in the garden. He let me know that he definitely didn’t want […]

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I was scrolling through the photos on my phone this evening when this picture caught my attention.  It is of a garden on Capitol Hill that we installed last winter.  The reason I originally took this picture – and why it caught my attention again – is that it captures the essence of much of […]

Hanging Around

Here’s a great BBQ when space is limited.  It is the SIGMAFOCUS made by Focus Creation in France. Their core business is making an wide range of modern indoor fireplaces.  Two of my favorite are the RENZOFOCUS and the ECLATE GEANT. The Sigmafocus costs 1114 € and you can order directly from Focus.

My Weekend Trip to Southern California

After this week’s snow on Monday, followed by torrential rain on Wednesday and high winds on Friday, I wish I had spent the weekend in Southern California.  Instead, I could only dream of being in Southern California when I passed by these Eucalyptus trees Saturday afternoon while out on a walk with my daughter and son. […]

Boxwoods, Cat Mocha Art and Anarchists!

Last November, I went Portland to give a talk the weekend after the Presidential election. My top three highlights were: Visiting Boxwood Gardens, a nursery in the Willamette Valley that specialize in what else — boxwoods! As I walked around, I imagined I was in England. Avoiding the anarchists who were smashing cars a few […]