Year in Review

I took over 3000 photos with my iPhone last year.  Here are just a few of the highlights from 2012.

A.  Washington Park garden remodel with fire feature (not turned on). Late Summer 2012

B. Rock frog on Bainbridge Island. I passed this while on a bike ride. Early Summer 2012

C.  Washington Park Residence completed Spring 2012.

D.  Vuecrest Residence completed Summer 2012.

E.  Up-state New York forest. I’m not use to seeing a forest without an understory. Fall 2012

F.  Steel Planter. Mercer Island Residence completed in 2011. Spring 2012

G.  A proud day. New trucks for the SEI Garden Services team. Late Spring 2012

H.  Aniceto (SEI foreman of 5 years) and Ines’ 25th Wedding Anniversary. Great mariachi band, patron! Spring 2012

I.  Don’t try this at home.  I spotted these guys near Green Lake. Early Fall 2012

J.  Here’s a great way to cover a wall with plants. Modern Hotel, Honolulu. Winter 2012

K.  Devin and I hiked a short distance to this waterfall made very famous by Thomas Cole and other Hudson River School painters. Late Fall 2012

L. Devin and I discovered an old issue of Seattle Home and Lifestyle magazine featuring our garden on display at Left Bank Antiques in Anacortes. Summer 2012

M.  Abeja Winery, Walla Walla. We stayed here on the first night of our summer vacation. It’s dreamy! I’ll post more images in the future. Late Summer 2012

N.  Confluence Project, Cape Dissapointment, WA.  I didn’t even know about the Confluence Projects before stopping at this park.  The Confluence Project “is a collaborative effort of Pacific Northwest tribes, renowned artist Maya Lin, civic groups from Washington and Oregon and other artists, architects and landscape designers.  The project stretches more than 300 miles from where the Columbia River flows into the Pacific Ocean, to Clarkston, WA with sites in both Oregon and Washington. Each of its seven sites features an art installation by Ms. Lin that interprets the area’s ecology and history, encouraging the visitor to reflect on how the surroundings have changed over time.” www.confluenceproject.org/about  The boardwalk in the picture is inscribed with text from Lewis and Clark’s journals.  Winter 2012

O. Wow! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this incredibly long Ipomea. It is an annual too.  NYC, Fall 2012

P.  Inspiring colors at the Seattle Aquarium with my niece. Winter 2012

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